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Thank you for your interest in our application.  Please review the information below, it addresses many common questions and will help you in the application process


Saving your work

  • You have the option to save your work and submit the application at a later time.  Be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of each section to save your work.

  • Click “Save and Return to Dashboard” as you complete each section and wish to continue to the next section of the application.

  • There is a time-out feature.  If a page remains idle for 20 minutes, it will not automatically save your work and require you to log back in.


Entering your information

  • You may view previous applications submitted by clicking the “My Applications” button at the top left corner.  This feature is available on each page of the application.

  • You may import (auto-fill) your responses from your previous application by clicking on the “Import Responses from Existing Applications” button at the top right corner of the page.  If you choose to do this, please be careful to go through the application sections to make sure responses are still current and applicable to your current grant request.

  • You can also cut and paste text from other documents and insert into the application – save time!

  • Be sure to answer each question.  If a question does not apply, enter “0” in every line that you do not have an answer.

  • There is a checkbox at the very end of the application immediately above the “submit” button, be sure to check this.  It may appear on other pages.



  • Attachments are only accepted in PDF format, portrait orientation and sized 8 ½ x 11”. 

  • It is recommended that you review the required documentation prior to completing the form and prepare in PDF so that they are uploaded easily and timely.  Remember, after 20 minutes idle, you are timed out.


When you are ready to submit

  • Click the “Final Review and Submit” button to verify your attachments have been uploaded correctly and the application contains all the necessary information. 

  • Be sure that all sections are filled out property.  Each section must read 100% in order to submit your application.  If a section does not read 100%, go back to the “Dashboard” and see which section/s are less than 100%.   You have missed a required question/s in that section.

  • Before submitting your application, you should print a copy by clicking on the printer icon.

  • Once the application has been submitted, no additions or corrections to the application are allowed.  You can review the application by clicking the “Preview Application” button at the top right.