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The United Way has served the residents of Cooke County since 1955. We are well established, but with new board members added yearly, we strive to stay current, always looking for ways to improve.


United Way brings people together from all across the community to tackle the issues and develop a plan to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of these problems. Living united means being a part of the change. It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.


Cooke County United Way's Community Impact Plan Focus Areas

  • Health - Improving people's health

  • Education - Helping others achieve their potential

  • Income - Promoting financial stability and independence


CCUW has set new priorities focusing on Health, Education, and Income Stability, which will improve the overall health of our community. We will now be able to extend our reach even further by assisting with unmet needs, underserved needs and/or gaps in services in these priority areas in a timely and effective way! Additionally, it will help us establish new Community Partnerships with other agencies, organizations, civic groups, school districts - the possibilities are exciting! The more we go over goal, the more "we", together, can do!


Meeting the Challenges


We are committed to meet the challenges of our mission and goals. Our Allocation Committee and our Community Impact Task Force annually work through a due diligence process to respond to the greatest needs facing Cooke County. All funds collected are allocated through this process and awarded to our Partner Agencies and Community Impact grant recipients. 


United Way instills a single county-wide mission of "Neighbor Helping Neighbor"

providing the resources to support young and old, cradle to grave.

Lend a hand up instead of a hand out.