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Cooke County United Way supports local non-profit agencies whose health and human service programs, services, and community involvement serve the residents of Cooke County, Texas. 



1. The Allocation Program

  • Application process opens on November 8th and closes the following January.

  • The Cooke County United Way Allocation Committee reviews all applications.

  • The Allocation Committee will schedule agency tours and allocation interviews once applications are submitted.

  • Funds are awarded for general use for an agency’s operating budget.  

  • Approved agencies receive funding in (4) quarterly payments beginning in March and considered as Partner Agencies for that funding year.

  • An application is required annually for current Partner Agencies.

  • Submittal Deadline January 10th, 2020


2. Community Impact Grant Program

  • As many of you know, community impact (CI) grants have been available through the proceeds from a single family trust.  Actual earnings and forcasted earnings from the trust show that all available trust funds for the foreseeable future have been obligated.  Accordingly, CCUW is not currently accepting new CI grant applications.

  • Please watch our website for updates on future CI funding opportunities. 




  • Funds shall be used for the purpose/s stated within the application.

  • Programs/services shall align with Cooke County United Way’s Vision Statement and Mission Statement.

  • Programs/services shall support the resources assisting individuals and families residing in Cooke County, Texas to achieve their maximum potential through education, income stability, and healthy lives.

  • Programs/services should be creative, innovative, address community needs and serve a greater good.

  • Programs/services should benefit from a leverage of funding partnerships with other agencies or matching grant, etc. when applicable.

  • Programs/services are expected to be accomplished within a specific period of time, generally not more than one year.

  • Recipients shall include CCUW in all promotional materials, activities, and programs funded with CCUW monies.





  • Organization must operate or provide services within Cooke County, Texas.

  • Organization must be a 501(c)3 non-profit health and human service organization.

  • Organization must be incorporated and chartered within the State of Texas, as a not-for-profit organization and be functioning for a minimum of 2 years as not-for-profit, health and human services organization or part of such an organization, and render charitable, philanthropic, health, character-building, or social welfare services for the benefit or residents of Cooke County.  The two-year requirement may be waived by the CCUW Board of Directors.

  • Organization must operate under written Articles of Incorporations and By-laws or other written documents or statutes that define the applicant’s purposes, membership, management, and operation.

  • Organizations must comply with all regulations of the state, county and federal government pertaining to proper licensing, health and safety requirements and operate within the State of Texas and certify they comply with the USA Patriot Act and other counterterrorism laws (form provided as a upload within the online application process).

  • Organization must operate on a non-discriminatory basis in employment, recruitment of volunteers and delivery of services.

  • Organization must demonstrate effective program performance and financial responsibility and accountability.

  • Organization is reviewed or audited in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants





  • All new and returning applicants are required to provide documents in PDF form in the “Applicant Upload” section of the application.

  • Document requirements are based on whether the applicant is a new or returning agency and direction will be provided within the application process.

  • The following is a list possible required documents.

    • Copy of the most recent IRS 501c(3) determination letter.

    • Copy of the letter indicating that the applicant is organized for charitable purposes under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.

    • Copy of the applicant’s Constitution and By-laws.

    • Copy of the applicant’s Articles of Incorporation.

    • Copy of the most recent financial review for a period ending not more than 18 months prior to January of the year in which the application is made per the following:

      • If agency’s annual budget is less than $75,000, it must certify that it has controls in place to ensure that funds are properly accounted for and that it can provide accurate and timely financial information;

      • If agency’s annual budget is $75,000 and over but not exceeding $150,000, it must certify that its financial statements are reviewed by an independent certified public accountant on an annual basis;

      • If agency’s annual budget is over $150,000, a full audit is required of its fiscal operations conducted by an independent certified public accountant.

    • Copy of the most recent IRS Form 990 for a period ending not more than 18 months prior to January of the year in which the application is made per the following and must cover the same period of time as that of the financial review required above.

  • USA PATRIOT ACT Anti-terrorism Certification Form





  • Organizations whose services/programs address a problem that is so complex and extensive that United Way resources will have little or no impact on solving the problem.

  • Organizations whose services/programs are tax-supported formal education. 

  • Organizations whose services/programs are concerned with the arts, with the exception of programs for enrichment, character building, scholarships, esteem building for school-age children.

  • Organizations whose service/programs are designed to promote or support a specific religious persuasion and/or human services program which require, as a condition of receiving the service, that the client belongs to or actively participated in a specific religion or religious activity.

  • Organizations whose services/programs are of a political nature.





  • In an effort to promote funded agencies, CCUW extends an invitation to all agencies to participate in United Way’s luncheons and special events. 

  • CCUW asks all agencies to provide program/service literature for Information and Referral services of United Way.

  • CCUW will place the name and contact information of all funded agencies on the website during the funding year including a link to the listed agency.


Please contact the Cooke County United Way at 940-665-1793 or info@cookeuw.org for more information.